Expectations for Implant Removal? (Photos)

I am 23, 5'6", 115lbs. Small B before 300cc silicone unders 2 wks ago. I realized I made a mistake. I did not get implants for the right reason. I thought it would be a quick fix to my self esteem prblms. I realize now how beautiful I was before implants and want them removed ASAP. I miss my natural body. My PS wants me to wait 3 mo. but I'm going to speak with him Monday about an early removal. He said I should go back to how I was with no problem if I do decide to remove. What do you think?

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Breast implant removal

If you are absolutely sure you want your implants removed this can be done and your breasts will most likely return to their preimplant size and look. Immediately after surgery both physical and psychological changes occur that may be influencing your decision.Waiting until the swelling has gone down and the implants have positioned themselves may be advisable.Good luck.

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Expectations for Implant Removal?

        The sooner the implants are removed, the more likely the return to the preoperative anatomy.  If the capsules are thin and pliable without rupture of an implant, capsule removal would not be necessary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Expectations for Implant Removal?

I'm sorry to hear about the “hard lessons” that you have learned.

Chances are excellent that you will “bounce back” if you decide to have your breast implants removed;  your youth,  size of breast implants, quality of overlying skin, and time since surgery are all in your favor.

Do make absolutely sure of your decision-making before you proceed.

Best wishes.

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Reevaluate your motives and ensure they are valid before reoperating

Theoldme2: both you and your PS are correct in your assessment that your breasts will regain their original shape and size once the implants are explanted.  The only difference will be the scars utilized for placement and removal. It isn't unreasonable for your PS to request that you wait 3 months to ensure that your determination doesn't change. During this "cooling off period" do ensure that your friends and family support your decision and that your self esteem is more robust.  Do remember that everyone has moments of self-doubt.  Ultimately, listen to your intuition and act on it.  Good luck.

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