What Should You Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Consult?

I went to a consultation at the beginning of June. There were important questions that I still had after the consult was over. I did not know if I wanted saline or silicone, he only had silicone in his office to feel, I did not get his input on range of cc's that would be best for me because he left the room during the time to try on sizers, nor did I know what type of profile styles would be best for my frame. The doctor has great reviews maybe these are things he goes over during pre-op?

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Breast Augmentation

I spend 45 min-60 min with patients going over all breast augment/implant issues.  I do not book surgery unless all of the patient's questions are addressed.  If your surgeon hasn't done that, you may want to consider finding another surgeon.  If they don't have time for you before your surgery, they certainly won't have time for you afterwards.


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Breast Augmentation Consultation

During your consultation it is important that all of your questions are answered. If you like this surgeon, I would suggest that you make another appointment to discuss all the issues you mention. Each surgeon has their own style, but you should feel comfortable that you are well informed on all aspects before proceeding. See the attached video showing a consultation with one of my patients. Good luck!

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Breast Augmentation

Consults are different Dr to Dr, but you should feel comforable with your plastic surgeon and your decision to proceed both physically and financially.  I would recommend you contact your plastic surgeon again and let him know you are serious about proceeding with surgery and that you would like to email a set of specific questions that you would like to specifically discuss with him.  Request a 2nd preop consult to address the specific points that are important to you and let them know you will be ready to make a decision when you have had a chance to consider his/her recommendations.  I hope this info is helpful.

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Consultation is your most important visit - make sure you use it right!

Consultation for breast augmentation is a time for patient’ evaluation, answering her question about procedure, sizing implants and discussing the cost and what is involved with planning for the surgery itself. During the first consult I have the opportunity to evaluate the patient and to discuss in detail how the procedure they inquiring is done. Typically patients have a long list of questions and  are interested in helping them to decide what implant to choose, what is the best incision site, what is the recovery time, and possible complications after the procedure. We size implants using specific sizers that are much more realistic than trying just implants and talk about different profiles that are the best fit for the patient. We offer also 3D Vectra simulation that helps with assessment. Patients find it very interesting and they can visualize their results. At the end we talk about the cost of the procedure, we go over surgery reservation process. Once the patient makes a decision about the surgery she typically comes back for the preoperative appointment to go over the informed consent and get prepared for the surgery (that usually happens about 2 weeks prior the procedure date). It is another opportunity to ask more questions.  We know that usually there is a lot of information to process after the first meeting. Therefore if patients have additional questions that need clarification they are welcome to call us anytime or schedule another consultation.

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Breast Augmentation Consultation

Routinely, I spend a minimum of 60 minutes with a new patient considering breast augmentation surgery.  I meet with the patient and her invited guest or partner in my office and discuss the details of the surgery, the risks associated with the surgery and the expected results.  I go over before and after photos with the patient and allow her to feel the different implants (silicone vs. saline).  After answering questions and satisfying the patient with necessary and important information, I take them to the exam room for measurements to determine the sizing of the implants.  The only duty I leave up to my staff is the taking of pre-operative/post-operative photos and pre-operative instructions.  The patient is spending time and money to meet the surgeon she is considering; I feel it is the least I can do to give them the quality time they deserve! 

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Breast Augmentation Consultations

This is an interesting question.  First, let's agree that plastic surgeons interact with patients in their own way, and as individuals they are all different (just as all people are different).  There could be a variety of reasons behind why you did not come away from your initial consult with the information you were hoping.  Perhaps, as you suggest, the plastic surgeon conducts a more thorough session at a second meeting.  Perhaps he strongly prefers silicone implants.  Maybe he likes patients to show him the type of results they seek and leave some of the implant decisions to him.  There could be other explanations as well--maybe he had a problem to attend to on the day of your appointment.  Or he may simply be a technical guru with a not-so-great "bedside manner."

Speculation aside, you should not decide to go ahead until you are satisfied that you have the information you need and a great feeling about the results you can anticipate.  Since you say this plastic surgeon has good reviews, why not call the office, ask to speak to his patient coordinator and share your concerns?  In addition, if you haven't done so, please arrange at least one other consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon so you have something to compare.

Elliot Jacobs

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Elliot W. Jacobs, MD
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Breast Augmentation Consultation

Typically during a breast augmentation consultation a history and physical will be performed.  This often includes breast measurements, evaluation of breast tissues, nipple position, asymmetries, native breast size, patient desires, etc.  The risks, benefits and alternatives will be discussed including options for types and sizes of appropriate implants for the individual.

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What to expect during a consultation?

There are many doctors who now delegate parts of the consultation to their staff... in efforts to save themselves more time for other things or see as many patients as they can in a short period of time.  Or these could even be 'free consults'.   In those situations, you get the experience you describe.

I am still 'old fashioned' where I will spend 45-60 minutes with new breast enhancement patients, going over all of the information we have about implants or breast lifts and allowing patients to size before they leave.  I like to treat my patients as if they were friends.  In the scenario above, I doubt you will get the 'warm fuzzys' that I believe patients should all receive.  The results may be the same in the end but its how do you want your journey to be?

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I think during the consultation the questions you ahve should be answered. If you felt rushed in anyway and are considering this doctor, then you should contact the office to either see him again or have your questions answered through other methods( email, etc.)

Steven Wallach, MD
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Questions to Ask During a Breast Augmentation Consult

A plastic surgery consult should generally be no different than any other medical consult. It should explain what the problem is, treatment options, and benefits and risks of each option. Specifically,an augmentation discussion should answer the questions you are posing. The pros and cons of saline and silicone are important to review as ultimately you must make the decision based on having all the proper information. The profile is more important for the surgeon as this is determined by what volume he or she feels can place in the space safely. You just want it to look good. There are many techniques to estimate the size to use based on your anatomy. None are 100% accurate, but you should have a general idea and be comfortable with the size options after leaving the consultation. Perhaps there is a pre-op consultation to prepare you for surgery that will better address these questions.

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