What to Expect when Swelling is Gone? (photo)

I had ear surgery done 9 days ago in wich my concha bowl was reduced by cutting a small part out. This was done from the inside of my ears and not from the back. After removing my headband every morning I am satisfied, but after a few minutes the ears start to stick out more.My ears are still a little swollen. In my opinion the ears are stil just a little protruding especially at the top. Will the ears come closer to my head as swelling dissapears or will they stick out even more.

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Reduction of Ear Prominence by Conchal Bowl Reduction

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One way that a plastic surgeon can reduce ear prominence in the central portion of the ear is to remove cartilage.  It sounds that both skin and cartilage were reduced.  If this was the case, the procedure does not reduce the uppermost portion of the ear very much.   Your doctor may have treated this area as well, but I would need to know more about your case.   Usually, the ear will not move much closer to your head at this point unless there is a good amount of swelling.  The photos do not show too much welling.  I would suggest giving your ears several months to heal and judging at that time if you want additional surgery.  In a number of photos on my website, I have reduced the conchal bowl as well as placed permanent sutures in the upper ear and earlobe area to reduce the prominence of the entire ear.  Take a look at the before and afters if you would like.   Best wishes!

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Appearance of ears after swelling gone

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As you mentioned, there is still swelling at nine days after your ear surgery.  This is not unusual.  The appearance of your ears will change with more time as the swelling dissipates.  In my opinion, I would not think that your ears would protrude more as the swelling goes away.    

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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