Should I Expect the Definition of my Nose Improve over Time? (photo)

My nose job was on 06/22/2013. I know it takes several months to see the final result, but I am asking this to manage my expectations. Before the surgery I said to my doctor that I was unhappy with the shape of my nose, because the tip was too round and big. I can see some improvement right now in a profile view. However seeing myself from the front, I still see my nose large and round. I know that the tip should reduce over time, but should expect more definition afterwards?

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Yes you can!!

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Hello rtaira,

You are very early after rhinoplasty.  It is not uncommon for a nose to take over a year to completely heal.  What I have noticed is that the upper 2/3's of the nose typically "heals" in the first 2-4 months.  And, in general, the tip of the nose really finalizes around months 10-12.  That means that your nasal tip is a long way from finishing it's development.  One additional consideration is that you are an Asian male, and it is typical for an Asian male to have a more fatty nasal tip.  It is reasonable to ask your surgeon how the extra fat in the tip was handled.  It is also reasonable to ask your surgeon about their thoughts about the use of injectible steroids to reduce swelling.  This is a common method for helping when it is felt that there is too much swelling.  

I think your nose looks good now, but it doesn't matter what I think.  Just make sure you communicate with your surgeon and be patient.

Good luck.

Dr. Shah

Should I Expect the Definition of my Nose Improve over Time?

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Dear Rtaira,

Thank you for your question and photos.  Expect your nasal tip to be the last part of your nose that loses its swelling.  This will gradually refine over 6-12 months.  I think you will like your nose more and more as the months go by.

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Nasal swelling

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Since you just had your nose done a few weeks ago it will be swollen. You have to give it 6 months to a year to settle.

Should I Expect the Definition of my Nose To Improve over Time?

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     It has only been a few days after surgery, and the swelling will decrease markedly in the next few months.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

It Takes A Year To See The Final Result

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You stated your Rhinoplasty was 6-22-13.  It is too early to see your final result.  You will notice changes over the next year.  Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon as he recommends .  Best wishes for a fast recovery!

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