What Can I Expect from a Pocket Revision Surgery for BA?

I had a BA & had almost immediate CC, I have since had a Capsulectomy.Because the scar tissue was soo significant over a short period of time(3 wks post BA), my PS opened the pocket more in hopes for easier healing & so it can't reattach to the walls.I'm early out from revision but am concerned about the shape(wider base). PS insists it can be fixed by closing the pocket more via another revision.Healing is the focus now.I just want to know what I can expect from the next surgery.3x a charm?

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Surgeon with entire record knows best.

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In this situation and without the operative report to view, only your surgeon can advise you what to expect. 

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Tough call when I do not know exactly what was done. A physical exam and history are key to see if anything needs to be done.

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Without photos I cannot tell the change in base diameter.  It is difficult to get these just right after a capsular contracture and revision surgery.  I am glad that you are working with your surgeon.  It sound like they are taking the appropriate steps and following you closely.

Pocket Revision

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This sounds like an awfully short time to develop such a thick capsule, and particularly capsular contracture. Typically this takes at least 6 weeks before the capsule has matured enough to even begin constriction. It sounds more like the pocket created was too small for the implant placed and thus, the revision was to enlarge the pocket. I would recommend waiting to see how the breast responds to the augmentation prior to anymore surgery. For revision surgery, capsulorrhaphy (suturing the capsule closed) can correct an oversized pocket, but if contracture truly was the issue for you, this should be delayed for at least 6 to 12 months.

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