What Can I Expect at my Removal Tomorrow?

I have a mole on my chin that is raised and hard. What can I expect when I go for removal tomorrow?

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Mole removal

Either the mole will be removed with via shave excision or by complete surgical excision.  The procedure should be discussed with your physician prior to the procedure being done so that your understand what to expect and that you fully understand the post-care procedures.  

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What to Expect from Mole Removal

Expectation is in part related to what is performed. Some moles are removed tangentially. In other words, the mole is shaved off. Some are excised and sutured. It depends on the mole (pigmented vs. non-pigmented, raised vs. flat, suspicious for malignancy vs. benign appearing) and it depends on the provider performing the procedure. So best option is to discuss with your doctor how and why the mole will be removed and what you should expect in the healing phase and the final result. Good luck.

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