What Can I Expect from Healing? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck a few weeks ago to remove loose skin after 2 pregnancys. I noticed the bruising was severe under the belly button on the first dressing change, I have since been told that the skin is necrotic. What can I expect with regards to healing and is this someones fault or just bad luck. I am a 26 year old non smoker and I am not overweight, also my scar is high as I didnt have enough skin above the belly button to have a bikini line scar.

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necrosis can occur unfortunately. You need close followup and good wound care. It will heal but takes time. As far as your tummy tuck scar placement it's really high. Did you have a scar there before that made sense to use or was it a surgeon choice. Long term that scar will be visible.

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What can I expect from healing

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Sorry to hear about your healing issues. You appear to have some necrosis or non viable tissue about your incision. It is difficult to tell from a photo as to the depth of the injury. I would recommend conservative approach to allow the skin to contract and heal. Eventually you will need some debridement or cleaning up of the tissues. Scar revision in the future may also be necessary, but only time will tell. Preventing an infection is key now, as non viable tissues increase the possibility of infections. Close follow-up with your surgeon or second opinion surgeon as another reviewer suggested.

also I agree your scar is high, but doubt that much can be done at this time to lower it.

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Big problems with tummy tuck

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If you are as you say a non-smoker and are otherwise in good health, the necrosis you have is very surprising and your scar is awfully high.  If there are other plastic surgeons in your area, I'd suggest you see them for a second opinion.  The abdomen will eventually heal after debridement and prolonged wound care, but the scar will be poor and will remain high. 

What Can I Expect from Healing?

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Sorry for your complication. With excellent wound care and debridement the healing phase could be as short as 2 to 3 months. Follow up photos of your process would be helpful to us all. 

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