What to Expect from Facial Peel, LED and IPL Treatment for Acne?

I went through a facial peel and LED treatment to help treat acne and acne scars since having a very bad breakout. 4 days after the treatment, I seem to be having a lot of small pus filled pimples sprouting all over the place, especially in the chin area. The doctor I visited also recommended that I do a series of IPL treatments to go along with the face peels and LED. I'm worried of the effectiveness and how long it will take to heal because I find myself hiding at home feeling depressed.

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Facial Peel, LED and IPL Treatment for Acne

Thank you for your question. Acne can be an ongoing and severe issue if not treated correctly with prescription medications to stop acne flare-ups and prevent acne scarring. It is recommended to first start with the basics and speak to a board certified dermatologist to get you started with the traditional therapies that have a lot of science behind them. These other treatments can be done only if the prescription medications are started first. It is not necessary to do all of these procedures at this time. Start slow and work your way up to adjunctive treatments. Ipl will help with redness, peels may help with texture, LED may help mildly with targeting acne causing bacteria.  I would recommend being treated under the supervision of  a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for best results and safest treatment options. I hope this helps.

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Acne, peels and IPL

Please consult a board certified dermatologist who can assess your skin and determine which treatments are best for you.  You may require prescription medication to control your acne, not just peels and light treatment.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Medical management may be a better option.

LED/ IPL therapy has shown to decrease acne over time, but there are better options including ultra low dose isotretinoin, which give faster results. You could check with your doctor for the same.

Renita (Lourdhurajan) Rajan, MD, DNB
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