What Can I Expect from Tummy Tuck Surgery After C-sections and Hysterectomy?

My tt surgery is going to be june 24, I am so excited but scared to death. I have had to c-sections and a hyst. The first csection i was cut from belly button down. The second and the hyst is on bikini line. What do i expect? Will the tt be worse then what I have alreay been thru?

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What Can I Expect from Tummy Tuck Surgery After C-sections and Hysterectomy?

Thank you for the question. As you can imagine, every patient will have a different experience when it comes to discomfort (and overall healing process) after tummy tuck surgery. Generally, most patients will report that the recovery process is similar to recovering after C-section. Anecdotally, when I have asked patients to compare, all have reported that the tummy tuck recovery is less painful than C-section recovery. I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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Most Patients Feel Tummy Tuck is LESS Painful than a C-Section

Hi there-

Based on your surgical history, I would bet that you feel your tummy tuck is relatively easy to recover from.

Good luck!

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Go For It.

In a standard Tummy Tuck procedure all the scars you mentioned will be replaced by a single horizontal scar located low enough to be hidden in a 2 piece bathing suit.  Your stomach will be flatter, smoother and tighter.  Most patients tell me the the pain from their C-section is similar to the pain from a tummy tuck.  I find that woman who have already had a C-section find the recuperation from a tummy tuck to be easier. You will love your new look.

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I expect from tummy tuck surgery

You NEED a better informed consent from you surgeon before having this operation. If you are not sure of what is being done in detail to your satisfaction, THAN DO NOT HAVE THE OPERATION!

From MIAMI Dr. B

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Tummy Tuck AFTER 2 C-Sections and a Hysterectomy

Some of my happiest patients fit your exact description; women who spent years raising families and who have a collection of indented, ugly C-section scars, either across or vertically down from the belly button.

In the vast number of such women, ALL these scars can be removed with the loose lower tummy skin, the separated muscles are brought together flattening the tummy and narrowing the waist. In addition, depending on the design of the Tummy Tuck, a sagging Mons pubis can be lifted and or shortened AND cellulite dimpling of the anterior thighs can be smoothed by the Tummy Tuck.

The Tummy Tuck is usually a more extensive operation than a C-section and is associated with more discomfort BUT when you see the way you look, even the day after surgery when there is swelling, you will know you made the right decision.

Good Luck.

Dr. P. Aldea

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Tummy Tuck Recovery

Most patients state that their recovery from tummy tuck or abdomioplasty was better than their previous c-secitons or hysterectomy.  However, each patient is different.  The vertical incision from your c-section should be completely gone at the end of your surgery.  The tummy tuck incision will likely be along your bikini line and, as long as you healing well from previous incisions, it would heal well too.  Good luck.

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Expectations from a tummy tuck

Assuming you are going to an excellent surgeon and that you are a good candidate for a TT, you should expect a flat abdomen with the vertical scar gone, the old horizontal scar gone and replaced with a longer horizontal one.  The recovery will be a little more than what you have experienced but not too much.

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Tummy Tuck following C-section & Hysterectomy

The fact that you have previously undergone C-sections and a hysterectomy should not have a deleterious effect on your tummy tuck.  The procedure will probably be performed through your previous bikini-line incisions and the vertical scar will probably be removed totally.  Generally you should have less pain with the TT than with your other procedures since they involve cutting your muscle whereas the TT does not.

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