What to Expect from Breast Augmentation?

I breast fed for two years I stopped yesterday. My Breast Augmentation surgery is in 9 days what can happen? I'm no longer engorged.

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Breast augmentation 9 days after breast feeding is not wise IMO

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 You should really let your breasts recover from breast feeding for a few months after stopping breast feeding.  Even though you believe you are not engorged, the tissues should still be given a chance to shrink to their maximum ability so the right size implants can be selected.

Breast augmentation and breast feeding

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I think it is too soon to have a breast augmentation if you just stopped breast feeding.  Your breasts are still engorged and need some time to setttle down.

Breastfeeding and Breast augmentation

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I would reschedule your surgery for at least 3 months. You should allow the breast tissue to return to pre pregnancy volume. More importantly is the risk of infection from manipulating the breast tissue and ducts with surgical breast implants.

Let the breast tissue and milk ducts reduce to the size before the pregnancy. Remember, the shape of your breast is determined by the volume of the implant and the skin envelope. Both of these are affected by recently engorged breast tissue.

Postpone Breast Augmentation after lactation

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I would postpone the surgery for all of the reasons already stated. Your breasts will change in shape and size over the next few months, but the most important reason to avoid breast augmentation right after lactation is the increased incidence of infection, and the formation of a galactocele. A galactocele is a cyst that is filled with milk that can occur if the breast is operated upon right after lactation.

I have seen galactoceles that occurred months after the patient had a breast augmentation by another surgeon right after lactation. The milk cyst communicated with the breast implant and required reoperation to remove the retained milk. Fortunately the implant was retained without any further complications.

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Reschedule your breast augmentation surgery

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It is too early for breast augmentation for you. You need to wait at least three months after nursing. Higher level of hormones have effects on breast tissue that doesn't go away right after stop nursing. Give time to your body and reschedule your surgery.

M. Ryan Khosravi, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Breastfeeding and breast augmentation

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You really need to wait for at least 3 months after stopping breastfeeding prior to having surgery. Your breasts will change during this period, and this will affect the size of the implant that you will require. In addition, you may be at higher risk for infection if there is still milk present in your ducts during surgery. Please discuss this with your surgeon and re-think having your surgery so soon. Good luck, /nsn.

Hold off on breast augmentation right after lactation

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I would strongly suggest you hold off on your operation. I routinely wait about 3 months after breast feeding in order make sure that residual estrogens in the body are not causing the breast glands to be temporarily enlarged. This is different than being engorged with milk. You want your breasts to be at a steady state, or you risk having your remaining breast tissue deflate and droop over your new implants.

Need more time for the breasts to settle down follwing breast feeding

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In general you need more time for your breasts to settle down prior to considering a breast augmentation. It is best to allow the breast to return to a more normal condition. This way an accurate and long lasting breast augmentation can be performed. There are tremendous changes with the breast during and following pregnancy. The lactating breast will definitely change following the hormonal influence during breast feeding.

Breast augmentation with implants after completion of pregnancy, lactation and nursing

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Performing your breast augmentation less than a month after completion of nursing is a little sooner than my preference. Any engorgement of the breast after relatively recent cessation of lactation can produce milk drainage (galactorrhea). I would strongly avoid the areola incision as this would likely necessitate transecting the breast tissue which may be more highly colonized with bacteria.

Reschedule your breast augmentation

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The only plastic surgeon that is likely to agree to proceeding with your surgery is the one that already has, assuming he/she even knows that you've just recently weaned. Just nine days out from breast feeding there is no way that your glandular tissues have completely involuted (shrunk). This could lead to a higher risk of infection, scarring around the implants and improper implant choice. I would reschedule. Good luck!

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