What can I expect after not wearing my trays for one week?

I required gum surgery this week and my trays will be out for one week. I'm on my last aligners for the third month (a whole other topic). I would like to have postponed the surgery (for abscesses,  one upper and one lower), and it probably could have waited, but I'm not close to being finished with Invisalign. How much of a setback will I have incurred?  I know they're going to feel like a vice when I first put them in, but would my teeth have moved measurably? On that same topic (I'm sneaking two questions at once in here), on the rare occasions that I leave the aligners out for an extended time (a couple of hours), the pressure is noticeable. Do teeth really move that much in a short time, or is it the aligners losing a little of their shape while not in your mouth? Thanks.

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Not Wearing Invisalign Trays for a Week

The trays will feel extremely tight and exert a lot of pressure. You should leave the tray in for more than the usual 2 weeks. Yes, teeth can move in a matter of hours when you are not wearing the trays.

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