What to Expect After a Saline Implant Deflation with Extensive Capsular Contracture and Tubular Breasts?

I had breast augmentation 6 years ago because I had Tubular Breasts with very narrow bases on both breasts. I got "small C's", under the muscle. After I had my son, capsular contracture caused breasts grow to DD, with extreme firmness and some pain/numbness. I can't afford to get them replaced so I'm considering deflation. I'm wondering though, what will they look like after deflation taking all factors into consideration? Should I have the capsule removed? (Bases much wider now). Thanks!

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Breast capsule

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It sounds like part of the change in your breasts occurred because they got larger with pregnancy.  Removal of implants is an option to continuing to undergo multiple further procedures with the additional cost, risk and headaches.  I have found that most women who choose to have their implants removed end up looking like they did before the implants were placed.  Many women fear their breasts will be a disaster without implants, but I have never found that to occur.

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Capsule contracture options

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Thank you for the question.  Whenever anyone develops significant capsule contracture the options for treatment include: closed capsulotomy, open capsulotomy, open capsulectomy, implant replacement, use of ADM (acellular dermal matrix).  The best option is often full open capsulectomy, implant replacement, and ADM use.  Its always hard to know how breasts will look when implants are removed.  I do know that the breast tissue and skin tends to rebound better when the capsule is removed.

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Removal verses deflation

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Between deflation or removal, I would suggest removal. A deflated implant may have bothersome corners that stick out and rub.  Removal and deflation can be done in the office under local.  If the capsules are not thick, after the implants are removed, the capsules may gradually subside.  The size of your implant will determine how much you will loose when they are removed.  The only way to know for sure is to have them removed and see.  However, a palstic surgeon should be able to give you an idea.  Between the augmentation and pregnancy, you will not have your "before" look.

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