What I Should Expect After Having my Tt 7weeks Ago?

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago but I caught an infection were I ended up in hospital for over a week they had to cut my stiches open so now they pack it daily as they letting it heal In side out . I can't were my garmit as the doctors advised me not to iv tried to but it hurts. in the morning my belly is flat by afternoon I look like I'm pregnant I don't know what to expect

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What I Should Expect After Having my Tt

Sorry to read about the problems you have been dealing with. Without photos it is hard to get the feel of what all is going on despite your description. 

One thing that could be contributing to the abdominal fullness is pain medicines, although I don't know if you are still taking some. All the narcotic meds interfere with intestinal function and can cause distention. 

Otherwise, without more info, I have not much to suggest other than to ask these completely appropriate questions to your surgeon. All the best. 

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