What Should I Expect After my Breast Settling? I Expect Great Results! (photo)

I'm a 50 yr.old, 5"4' 115lbs. I had BA a week ago. After thinking about it for a long time! I was a 36AA pre op and I was aiming for a 36C. My dr. recommended 350cc to 400cc as I wanted a natural look, I went for 350cc. My post op appoinment was the next day after surgery and I didn't know what to expect. Today they seem smaller than what I expected, I tried a couple of shirts and I didn't notice much difference than when I wore a padded bra size 36A. I want to be happy, no disappointed.

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Breasts settling

Your breast shape will change a lot after things settle.  Many patients say their breasts appear larger after the swelling resolves...this is a common illusion due to swelling around your chest.   A stabilizer band and implant displacement exercises (if you have smooth implants), will speed the healing process.  Discuss this with your surgeon.

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The Outcome Of My New Breasts?

Thank you for your question!  You should be very happy with the outcome of your new breasts.  They will settle dramatically.  Discuss any future questions with your plastic surgeon.  Best of luck!Dr Dhaval PatelDouble Board CertifiedPlastic SurgeonChicagoHoffman EstatesOak Brook

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Thank you for your question.

At one week post op, it is too early to know what the final results will be. You need to allow for your body to heal and the breast implants to settle into the pocket.  The shape/size will change as the implants settle into the pocket.

I would suggest that you do not go bra shopping until 3-4 months post op.

I would also suggest that you be patient and keep your follow up appointments with your surgeon so that he/she can help you through the recovery process.

I hope this helps.

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Implants are high

The breasts are not, in fact, too small and I agree with Dr. Kincaid that they need to settle but also have concern about the height. There is a significant distinction between the size you are now and a AA so I am quite surprised at your conclusion that there isn't much of a change.

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Your only a week out it takes6-9 months for everything to settle. Your implants need to drop into there pocket. In our practice we apply a breast band to force the implants to drop down. You should follow up with your PS to see what can be done to help implants settle before they incapsulate up high.

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What Should I Expect After my Breast Settling? I Expect Great Results! (photo)

Still very early in the recovery/settling phase. But if you feel the implants to small now than "Houston" we have a problem. I ALWAYS recommend going 50 cc's higher than your chosen size, or at time a 100 cc's. The #1 compliant is "I wish I would have gone bigger!!". Best of luck. 

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