What Should I Expect After Laser Treatment on a "Storkbite" Birthmark on Forehead?

My baby son is 8 months old-he had a "storkbite" birthmark lasered on his forehead three days ago. It did not turn purple- only more red. Does this mean it was not strong enough to help it fade--Internet can be very scary for medical advice. Our Plastic surgeon thought 3-5 treatment to take care of it. Feeling sick about it now--- it won't stay this extra red for long will it? When will I see some fading? Thank you ,thank you so very much

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Laser treatment to storkbite

Often after laser treatments certain areas will be redder or even more brown. This is due to the pigment rising, sometimes it's called "coffee grounding". It is a normal and good response. Make sure you keep your son's spot out of the sun and keep sunscreen on it. It will take several treatments, yes, but it will get better.

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