How Much Should I Expect After Abdominoplasty to Drain?

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Drainage after in abdominoplasty is variable.

Drainage after in abdominoplasty is highly variable. Since I do not use drains my patients are confronted with this problem. Concurrent liposuction with abdominoplasty would increase the amount expected.

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Drain output after abdominoplasty usually low but varies

Although it is routine for most plastic surgeons to place suction drains with tummy tuck procedures, with the use of progressive tension sutures (PTS) the output is usually lower and the drains can come out sooner (I published data on this almost 15 years ago.) Some plastic surgeons do not place drains at with PTS. In general though expect to have the drains for a couple of days or so.

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How Much Should I Expect After Abdominoplasty to Drain?

There is not enough info to provide a usable answer. It depends upon your size, the extent of the abdominoplasty, and whether or not liposuction was done.

Most surgeons use a threshold of 30 cc a day before removing a drain. Expect more than that the first several days. 

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