I Have Expanders That R Filled with 800cc Surgery in a Week Will I Look Close to This Size After?

I'm 22 I got diagnosed with breast cancer last may and had a double mastectomy I was a 38c before surgery.. I have expanders in that r filled with 800cc and I have my surgery to get my implants i don't know what my doc ment when he said do I want them to look round or moveable... I don't Want them to b rocks but I want to b a good size hopefully back to a full c small d... Will 700cc-800cc give me the size I want? And will I look close to the size I am now with expanders?

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800cc will look similar whether it be expanders or implants. Similar but not the same.

Yes, it should be similar to the size of the expanders but willbe gentler and not so harsh around the edges as the expanders are.  Of note, 800mL is the largest silicone gel breast implant that is available in the United States. Good Luck!

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Tissue expander exchange to implants

An implant can be used to match the desired volume based upon your expander shape and volume.  This is something that should be discussed in person during evaluation. 

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