Expander or Retainer with Springs to Fix Underbite?

My 10 year old daughter has an underbite one orthodontist wants to use an expander to correct another states can be corrected with just a retainer with springs on retainer pushing out the front two teethWhat would be the best option and why such a difference in treatment?

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Fixing an Underbite

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Underbites can be caused by different reasons. Initially it would be nice to understand the initial cause and why the underbite is there. The answer to your question may be "Neither"!  It takes a qualified orthodontist to exam and evaluate with xrays the amount of underbite and reasons for it.  The situation may be more difficult than it appears but you need to seek a qualified orthodontist for treatment.

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Different treatment recommendations for orthodontic care

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Sometimes there is more then one way to correct a orthodontic situation, so both of these plans could work.  However, one may be quicker, less expensive, or better for your daughters situation.  I would suggest letting your referring dentist get involved and have him talk to the two orthodontists and review the options and then explain to you in terms you can understand the pros and cons of each therapy and give you his recommendations.  Everyone should be most concerned about your daughter's best results and not who does the case.  I am sure with your dentist's help you will get a clear answer.

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