Exogenous Ochronosis Laser Treatment?

I have been using hydroquinine from 18yrs-21yrs of age. I had stopped once I have developed these banana shaped ochres on both sides of my upper cheek bones. They are kind of butterfly shaped. Very odd. Since then they have never seemed to go away, I am now at age 28 and after so much research I have now identified them as exogenous ochronosis. I am a type V skin type and was wondering will I forever be stuck with hiding the sides of my face with my hair? Is there hope w/ laser?

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Overuse of hydroquinones

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Sometimes a Q-switeched laser such as the Ruby, Alexandrite or 1,064 Nd-YAG  laser can be used to treat with problem. More than one treatment session is probably required. If you are dark skinned they may  not be effective.

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