Is it possible to take existing eyebrow hair and use those hairs for FUE eyebrow restoration?

For my entire life the hairs on the inner sides of my eyebrow have always grown upward in the direction of my hairline instead of growing out in the direction of my other hairs. I've tried plucking the hairs and it ends up always ends up looking patchy and makes my eyebrow seem much shorter. Is it possible to use FUE to take out the hairs that are pointing up toward my forehead and place those hairs as grafts back into the inner part of my eyebrow but in the direction my other hairs are facing?

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It is possible to harvest eyebrow hair with FUE but it will leave scarring. It is much easier to pluck a few eyebrows you don't

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It is possible to harvest eyebrow hair with FUE but it will leave scarring. It is much easier to pluck a few eyebrows hairs you don't like.

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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein- Response

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Of the over 600 eyebrow transplant procedures I have performed, in all but 4 cases I have used scalp hairs due to their reliability and aesthetic results. The other cases utilized big toe or chest hairs. The use of eyebrow as donor risks leaving a small scar, plus there are very few hairs that can likely be obtained by this approach.

Moving eyebrow hair

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Though it sounds like a logical idea on its face, unfortunately, moving eyebrows from one location to another isn't the best idea because  the trauma that would be caused by both extraction and implantation would not offer a good result. You would be better served by having the unwanted hair treated with laser hair removal or electrolysis.  Once that is complete you can have donor hair grafted to your brows in the desired direction from hair  behind your ear.  Good luck 

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It is quite common and natural for the medial eyebrow hairs to grow upward. 
What you propose would not be feasible. You would be creating two defects of the skin in different directions in the same space. 
It might be best just to remove the offending hairs by electrolysis or laser and later have transplants done in the desired direction. Unless your eyebrows look extremely unnatursl, leave them alone. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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