Is Exilis, Coolsculpting and Non Invasive Fat Burning Effective on Woman in Their 60's on Up?

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CoolSculpting from Zeltiq can work in patients over 60 years of age to reduce fat

Zeltiq's CoolSculpting kills fat cells by freezing them.  one to three treatments can reduce significant amounts of localized fat. It is not an alternative to diet and exercise and is not appropriate in someone who is significantly obese.  This is an excellent treatment and has a high patient satisfaction rate.  Exilis requires more than five treatments usually and appears to temporarily reduce the fat volume. It doesn't kill the cells but seems to liberate the triglycerides from the fat cells. More research needs to be done to see if the long term results are similar with both devices.

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Exilis, Coolsculpting, and Non Invasive Fat Burning...

Yes, all these treatments are effective at any age but you have to be pre-determined as a "good candidate" by a qualified provider.  As with all non-invasive procedures... a realistic result needs to be kept in mind.  Surgery is always going to offer the optimal result. 

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