Exilis--what is the Lowest Setting in Numbers for This to Still Be Effective (For Face and Body)?

What is the lowest setting (numbers) the tech can use for my exilis treatment on my arms for fat reduction/tightening and still be effective? On my face for ONLY tightening and still be effective? My last treatment was quite painful. If she is currently using a low setting & going lower would be useless, then perhaps I am hypersensitive & should stop the treatment ; however if her setting is TOO HIGH, I will ask her to lower it. FYI-I've always had a HIGH tolerance for pain so this is odd.

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Apelonia, you shouldn't be worrying about the numbers or the settings on the machine.  The discomfort you are feeling is probably more related to technique than it is the settings.  The discomfort is because of heat build up - heat Is the way Exilis works - it's what you want.  The more you can tolerate, the better it will work.  If it gets too intense, the operator can stop the procedure temporarily or move the handpiece a little more quickly to prevent too much heat build up.  There may be certain "hot spots" over bone or tendons that require a little more care to prevent too much heat in those areas.  We've been having great success with Exilis and I hope you get the results you need.  Good Luck.

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