Is Exilis Supposed to Hurt? I Had my First Treatment.

I had my first treatment today - arms & face. While there was pain on my face, my arms were EXTREMELY painful. I am someone who tolerates pain well but 6 hours later my arms still hurt on a scale of 1-10, a 5. Everyone has said this should be pain free BUT it was NOT for me. So, I worry that perhaps something is wrong. My skin is in excellent condition. What if anything should I do about changing the setting for my next visit while still getting results. Or is this normal?

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Exilis should not be painful (anywhere).

Persistent pain in any treatment area is not characteristic of Exilis. I have undergone treatments on my own face (to see what it was like), and I never experienced pain at appropriate settings. Warmth, yes; pain, no!

I'd suggest checking with your Exilis operator and ensure the correct handpiece and settings were used. If everything checks out (as it probably will and should), then perhaps you have unusual sensitivity and should not undergo treatment to the arms. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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