Exilis or Solta Medical Dual Fraxel Laser--which is the Better Choice for COLLAGEN and TIGHTENING?

One office says go with Exilis b/c Fraxl is not good a choice for my tan skin & I will get better results & more collagen w/ Exilis. Another office says go w/ Fraxel and that skin color is irrelevant. The Fraxel proponent also said that her office has the only real fraxel machine, ie the Solta Medical & she would do a DUAL- My question: What is better for skin tightening on the face and for greater amount of collagen building (thus youthful appearance)---Exilis OR Fraxel

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Exilis, Fraxel

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I have both the Fraxel and the Exilis in my office so we have experience with both.  Without a picture it's difficult to be certain, but from what you described it sounds like Exilis would be the best option for you.  The Fraxel is a great resurfacing laser but is not very good at skin tightening.  The Exilis is excellent at skin tightening but will not do any resurfacing.  It sounds as though tightening is what you are wanting to achieve and therefore Exilis would be the best choice in my opinion.  Good luck.

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