Exilis is So Similar to Xerona. Which is Better for Fat Reduction in the Abdomen?

Exilis is so similar to Xerona. Which is better for fat reduction in the abdomen? I think that Xerona is better for fat reduction all over the body. I would like to reduce my abdomen, as well as all over. Thanks.

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I personally like Exilis better because it can not only shrink fat, but it can also tighten skin.  Our patients seem to love the combo.

Exilis works great for abdomen reduction

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Although we do not use Xerona in our offices, we have had fantastic results using Exilis to reduce fat and tighten the skin of the abdomen. Exilis uses a heat and monopolar radio frequency which enables the technology to go into the deeper layers of the fat  while decreasing the fat cell volume ultimately reducing the fat layer. 

The best candidate for an Exilis series would be someone who is looking to target exercise resistant areas.  Based on our experience, Exilis is a great investment and we hope that you are just as pleased with your results as our patients have been. Good luck!

For more information regarding Exilis, visit the link below.

Exilis is different than Xerona

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Exilis is the best treatment for removing fat and tightening skin in a specific zone. 

When a patient is treated, the hand-piece is massaged over a  specific area of fat and lax skin to treat that site.  The best abdominal candidate is an overall healthy and fit individual that has an area of soft fat with overlying loose skin.  The Xerona does not target a specific area and will not tighten the excess skin. In addition, some patients have an asymmetric distribution of fat, this can be corrected with the Exilis by treating the "fatter" side.  And unlike other technologies, this correction will flow beautifully into your surrounding skin.

Exilis therapy is also believed to causes a permanent change to the fat cells that are treated and so they will not be as prone to storing fat in the future.  I am not aware of the Xerona causing any permanent changes in the fat cells.

You are correct that if an individual wants to try a non-invasive technology to cause overall fat reduction, they may consider the Xerona in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. 

But if you want to define and sculpt your body there is nothing that compares to the Exilis.   Patients get amazing results when they treat the flanks,  and abdomen. 

For an example, we just completed an abdomen series on a personal-trainer.  He lost 4 inches of circumference after 4 treatments. 

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