Exercising Can Cause Newly Operated Eyelid to Droop?

Hi, I had a revision surgery with incisional method to increase the height of my crease. I initially had an Asian double eyelid surgery half a year ago but wanted the crease to be higher. It has been 14 days since the revisional surgery. I started going back to the gym. I did some moderate cardio but noticed that a day after the workout at the gym, the new crease seems lower. Can exercise cause this? Or could it be a part of the swelling that is decreasing hence, the crease settles lower?

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Eyelid crease after asian eyelid surgery revision

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After two weeks recovery time it is unlikely that moderate cardio would have affected your  eyelids.  At this time the swelling is continuing to decrease, which will change the appearance of your eyelids as compared to how they looked on the day after surgery.  As swelling goes down, the eyelids tend to look and feel better.

Be sure to follow doctor's instructions..

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Generally, it can be safe to assume that this is a normal resolution of swelling, particularly since you didn't report any bleeding or the swelling getting worse after your activity. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions regarding activity.


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It is unlikely that the exercise, two weeks after surgery would affect surgical outcome. Your second thought is more likely. As the swelling settles, the crease will also settle.

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