Exercises or Massages After Bottom out Revision?

Hi Doctors,

I was wondering what kind of exercises or massages do you tell your patients to do to keep their pockets opened? How soon after surgery do you have them start these exercises?

I had a capsulorrhaphy along with the enlargement of my pocket (mostly superiorly/upward) five days ago, and crease incision this time. However, I am afraid that if I push the implant upward, I may break/pull the internal stitche, but I do want to keep the pocket opened. Any insights would be appreciated.

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Go with your surgeon's advice on postop exercises

There are a number of different opinions about the usefulness of postop "expansion" exercises. This is because there are no clinical studies that document its effectiveness, so I don't recommend it routinely. There are some circumstances where the tissues are tight and so I do occasionally recommend it on a short-term basis. But after a capsulorrhaphy, you do need to be extremely careful and follow your own surgeon's recommendations to the letter.

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Exercises or Massages After Bottom out Revision

Your surgeon is the best one to guide you on the appropriate massage/exercises for your specific case. Do not let online consulting surgeons confuse the message from your surgeon.

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Exercise or massage for bottom out revision varies quite a bit


I would do nothing without your surgeon's instruction on this as you could make the repair fail. Talk with your surgeon in follow-up regarding what he or she recommends.

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Caution here!

My advice to you is to take only the advice of your surgeon!  There are so many different things that could have been done, depending on what was corrected, anyone but your doctor could only give you BAD advice.  Be smart here.

Best to you.


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Benefits of breast massage after augmentation are uncertain

The actual benefits of breast massage after augmentation are quite uncertain. As you review the responses to your question as I have you note that some do, some don't. There are several schools as to the frequency, the best size of the capsule, the implant displacement, how often to massage, when to start, whether to start at all.

Since you have had the inferior capsule repaired it is best to hold the implant in the corrected location secure, and in a bra, 24/7 for the first two weeks. If your surgeon believes massage will help, consider upward and inward displacement only. If the implants bottomed out in the past massage may be asking for trouble.

Best of luck,


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Your capsule repair needs to be protected

A capsule repair is complex and can fail if the patient does things that stress the healing like inappropriate massage or vigorous exercises that make the implant pound down on the repair. Since your doctor knows what was done and knows what to be worried about, please address any and all questions to them. Good luck!

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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A two part question.

My massage routine is really a displacement exercise where the patient places the palm on the edge of the implant and pushes gently but firmly into the ribs. This displaces the implant to the opposite side on the pocket. I have them start at day 3 or 4 and they do this for 1 min. every hour that they are awake to each of the 2-4 positions I instruct them to use dpending on what the implant/pocket relationship is.

The second question is really what you should do in your specific situation and this is something you should discuss with your own surgeon.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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