Why Did the Pre-op Nurse Say No Exercise Before Surgery?

I am getting a 30 minute outpatient surgery for deviated septum. I asked pre-op nurse if I could workout before surgery. To get nervous energy out of my system. She said no excercise 3 hours before surgery! Why would excercise be bad? It would relax me before surgery!

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Septoplasty and preoperative instructions

It would not be advised to do exercise the morning prior to surgery as you will probably be NPO prior to the procedure due to anesthesia, which means nothing to eat or drink and you would not want to be dehydrated and not be able to have water with excessive exercise. A nice calming walk may be in order. If you have a lot of anxiety you may also speak with your anesthesiologist and see if you can take something to relax your prior to surgery if you are not transporting yourself there. Best regards!

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