Exercise and Tattoo Removal?

Hello, I am just about to embark on tattoo removal to significantly lighten a large tattoo I have on my upper arm. Anyway I know that exercise is prohibited immediately after the laser session (people seem to say 2-7 days depending on who you read). But I was wondering if there are any restrictions after that time? Basically I am running two full marathons next year for Breast cancer research, I've got a lot of people sponsoring me and I don't want to let them or the charity down! Many thanks

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Re: Exercise and Laser Tattoo Removal

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Typically patients are not supposed to exercise for about 1-2 days after their laser tattoo removal procedure. And it can be up to 10 days as you mentioned, especially since yours is fairly large. 

All of this depends on how well your skin is healing. On the one hand, exercise can facilitate the process by which your body removes the pigment by stimulating the circulatory system. However,  exercise can cause swelling or even breakage of the skin during the healing process. Your doctor will be able to give you a more specific guidelines as far coordinating your exercise regimen with your tattoo removal process. It's important to let him/her know how your skin is doing as it heals. 

Also, you will also be advised to avoid excessive sun exposure for about a week following your procedure.

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