Exercise After a Tummy Tuck

I am having a tummy tuck tomorrow.I am concerned about downtime. I am training for my blk belt,run 12-15mi/wk,do cardio-kickboxing,&strength train.6 wks of downtime sounds daunting to me! Will I be able to run miles @the 6wk mark? How much weight will I be able to lift after 6wks (arms & legs), half or more? Is karate going to be okay (thinking I won't spar or be thrown down or have anyone throw me down for awhile). Is aerobic walking & resistant training really ok @3 wks? I read it is.

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Otto's Rule of thumb for exercise after tummy tuck

In general but under supervision, I advise my patient's to exercise aerobically on the treadmill at at spped (mph) equlal to their weeks of recovery. Therefore, WEEK #1 = 1 MPH, WEEK #2 = 2 MPH, WEEK #3 = 3 MPH, etc. Of course this may require modification.

When it comes to resistance training, I generally caution patients to avoid this for at least 3 weeks while encouraging passive (no-resistance) range of motion prior to this. After 3 weeks consider gently 10 lb lifting gently increasing each week under supervision when it comes to increasing thereafter.

When it comes to muscle exercises, In my opinion and experience, one of the most common causes responsible for persistent fullness of the abdomen after tummy tuck is improper use of muscles despite surgical reapproximation. This explains the worsening with bowel movements (straining with valsalva maneuver). Consder undertaking supervised Pilates exerecise instruction.

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Tummy tuck and recovery

I would discuss these questions and concerns with your plastic surgeon.  Every plastic surgeon has their own recovery program and you need to see what your surgeon recommends.

I generally have my patients hold off on any exercise until 6 weeks after surgery.  After that, they can resume their activities and see how they feel.  Resume with caution.

Hope that helps.

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ADL's after tummy tuck

I restrict lifting, twisting, strenuous activity, etc. after tummy tuck to 6 weeks or longer if clinically needed.  This is a big operation in which both you and your surgeon will heavily invest.  You need to discuss your plans with him at every step in the process so that he can guide you safely through your recovery.

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