Chest Exercise After Reconstruction?

I've found a lot of information on this site about how it's ok to do upper body exercise with under-the-muscle breast implants, you'll just have a different aesthetic while working out.

Is it different if the implants are for reconstruction after mastectomy? They say one of the drawbacks to reconstruction is weaker chest muscles -- is that true? I don't understand why there's a difference.

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Working out and implants

It is okay to workout and lift upper body weights after either cosmetic breast implants that are under the muscle or after reconstruction.  When implants are under the muscle, regardless of whether its for reconstruction or cosmetic purposes, they will move slightly when the muscle is flexed and used. 

Initially, you will experience weakness, especially when compared with what you were able to do before surgery.  This is true for any type of submuscular implant -- reconstructive or cosmetic.  But with time, you will regain your stregnth although it may not be equal to what you had prior to surgery.

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