Is Excision or Subcision the Right Treatment for my Scar? (photo)

I have an atrophic scar as shown on the picture. Apart from being depressed, the texture of the scar is different to normal skin (thinner, softer,whiter) it appears shiny in certain lighting. I am having co2 laser treatments but i don't think this alone would give me the best results. Just wondering whether i should combine laser with excision or subcision? As excision involves cutting the scar out for a smaller scar, would that be a good way to get rid of the atrophic nature of my scar? Thanks!

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Scar revision on the temples in Los Angeles

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Excision may be a suitable option for your scar, but will have to be performed in experienced hands as there are important neurovascular structures adjacent to this scar. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Is Excision or Subcision the Right Treatment for my Scar?

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The CO2 laser will be likely to improve but not eliminate the scar. The problem with subcision alone is that even if it does release the scar and help to elevate it you will still be left with a widened, light colored, smooth atrophic scar that will still be noticeable. In many cases, excising the scar followed by dermabrasion or a series of fractional laser treatments results in the most pleasing result. 

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