Can I Use Excision to Get Rid of a Lower Back Tattoo? Any Good Plastic Surgeons in AZ?

I have had 12-15 laser tattoo removal sessions. The yellow portion of the tattoo has been removed but, the light blue will not fade anymore. I have hit a wall with progressing in a forward motion. I am considering excision. Tattoo size is about 3"x3". Any recommendations.

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Laser for Lower Back Tattoo vs. Excision

Best option is to discuss the situation with your doctor. If you don't get a satisfactory answer, seek a second opinion from a dermatologist or other specialist with extensive skin laser experience. There are many factors that may impact how quickly or completely the laser clears your tattoo, including wavelength of laser used, energy of laser pulses, tattoo color, professional vs. amateur tattoo, whether tattoo pigment was applied more than once, etc. Excision of a tattoo on the tower back will likely result in a widened scar over time. The scar will never be as strong as intact skin, and as a result, over time the scar on the lower back will spread or widen. As a general rule, laser removal will likely give a better cosmetic result in this location. Talk to the doctor or seek a second opinion. Good luck.

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Laser for Tattoo Removal

You should find out which laser has been used.  The most common laser for tattoo removal is Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.  You should try treatment with Q-switched alexandrite laser,  ruby laser, or 585 nm laser if those have not been tried yet.  A 3 x 3" tattoo would be difficult to excise with risk of significant scarring. 

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