Should I Exchange my Silicone Implants for Overfilled Saline Implants to Get Rid of Rippling?

I had 375 CC implants in 1997 under the muscle with no rippling. I exchanged them for 421 and 457 CC silicone implants under the muscle in January. I have some rippling in the middle top part of my cleavage in both breasts. Also, my breasts do not appear any bigger. I measure a 34C. Hoping for a 34 D. Supposed to go back and have surgery again Friday. Was recommended by 2 other ps to go somewhere between 500 and 600 CC HP implants. PS said overfilling saline might prevent rippling too.

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Rippling is typically noticed when the skin is thin and the implants are large. Having smaller implants will decrease/ remove the rippling. Saline is definitely not the way to go if you are already experiencing rippling. Sorry to hear this has happened to you, but it can be fixed. Good luck.

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Go with smaller implants to minimize rippling

The larger the implants, the more stress and stretching there will be making the implants more visible. In that situation, overfilled saline will look very unnatural. Smaller is better to minimize visible rippling.

Richard Baxter, MD
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