Is it possible to exchange Breast Implant for a smaller size?

My breast with is 12,7 centimeters - my current implants are 13 cm, 350 cc, projection 4,2. I am 177 cm tall, 63 kilos Unfortunately, I feel they are too big for me and I want to exchange them to a smaller implants. I escpecially feel they are too wide and have too much volume But how narrow can they be? I am considering an implant that is 11,5 cm and 3,5 projection and 225cc. But is it possible to decrease the with so much? The alternative is 260cc, 12,3 wide, 3,1 projection

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Smaller breast implants are indeed possible!

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Lisbeth, my concern is that you are placing too much emphasis on measurements, when you should be telling your surgeon what you do or do not like about your appearance. Then listen to your surgeon as he or she explains options available to move you closer to your desired final appearance.

By the way, for your height and weight, 350cc implants are reasonable choices, BUT, it is equally reasonable to go smaller if that is your wish. If you have just had your breast augmentation surgery, please give yourself a chance to get used to your new appearance. You may find (as many women do) that you actually aren't "too big" or "too wide." I know, that sounds like me telling you how you should feel, but based on over twenty years of doing this for thousands of women, please at least consider giving yourself at least 3 months to see how you feel as your body heals and swelling goes down and tissues stretch and relax.

If you still feel too big and wide, dropping 125cc will decrease your breast volume by about 1/2 cup size. 3cm of total width decrease gives you over an inch of (additional) flat cleavage. You may well be better to consider the 260cc implants. Discuss this with your surgeon!

BTW, the dimensions you quote do not match (exactly) any Mentor or McGhan implant in use in the US today. Where did you get these numbers? Not terribly important, but it further means you should describe what you want (in detail) to your doctor, and leave the exact means of getting as close to that request as possible to your expert surgeon!

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Revisionary breast surgery

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I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the best and safest options for your specific case. It is dificult to determine which implants would be best to give you the results you would like to achieve. The best procedure for you would be determined depending on the severity and complexity of the case. It should not be an issue to downsize your implants. Providing photos to your surgeon may be very helpful when communicating with your surgeon. Good luck and take care!

Implant sizing has many options.

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In my practice, I rarely choose an implant which is wider than the breast. This usually leads to either malposition laterally or the creation of a synmastia (abnormal communication between the breasts across the sternum). Choosing an implant which is narrower than the breast allows for even augmentation of the breast tissue and adequate tissue coverage of the implant.

The projection of the implant will allow for the same volume with a narrower width. Each manufacturer has a slightly different scale, but they all follow the same concept. For example, a 350cc round silicone gel implant from Mentor ranges from 14.2cm to 11.7cm depending upon the projection. It is definitely possible for you to narrow the implant and stay within a 250-350cc range for your volume.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants too large

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You can always either decrease or increase the size. It is much easier when they are saline. It sounds like you are trying to determine the shape with your measurements. Unfortunately, the implant does not give you the shape. The shape you end up with is your own shape only larger.

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Smaller implants

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Going to a smaller size should not be aproblem.You have to understand there will be some extra skin but as long as you are not sagging too much you should do fine.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant dimensions should be matched to your measurements

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When choosing a breast implant that is right for you, it is important to look at your breast and torso measurements. If your specific implant is too wide in its base diameter, you may want to switch to a higher profile implant.

Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Can I downsize my implants?

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My initial answer would be yes but it depends upon whether you are ready to accept the possibility of skin laxity and the possible need for a lift.  If you have implants currently, one option is to actually deflate the implants in the office, let them sit for about a month, then go in and replace the larger deflated implants with smaller ones.  During that month your skin will actually shrink down somewhat and it may help it tighten. 

If you have gel implants then you obviously do not have that option.

However, the amount that you would like to downsize is very reasonable.  My recommendation is that you speak with your local Plastic Surgeon about options and he or she can discuss with you the various options available to you.

Breast augmentation

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Yes, it is very possible.  The decrease is by a third, but your skin should be able to adjust.  You will need to have the capsule removed as well.

Shahin Javaheri, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Implant downsizing

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Downsizing implants can be performed after an augmentation but sometimes it is hard to predict if a patient will need a lift afterwards.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Downsizing breast implants

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There are two issues in downsizing - those of volum /width and projection.  If you have moderate profiles now, you have the least bulgy look implants can make.  If you stay moderate but go narrower, you run the risk of having a big gap in the middle and looking like two tennis balls with a mile in between.  Don't decide this for yourself but work with an experienced surgeon who can help you.  You don't want to go too small, otherwise you'd look better with no implants.

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