Excessive sneezing one month after open rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 1 month ago. The results are good. BUT.. 1. I sneeze 20+ a day. 2. When I breath out air it only comes pointed to the middle... instead of blowing down it blows to the middle. 3. The right nostril seems a little collapsed. 4. More air comes out of left nostril now. HELP, what could be going on? My doctor is in Mexico and I can't go back that easily for a simple question :/

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Sneezing After An Open Rhinopl;asty Could Be Due To Several Factors

Sneezing after a rhinoplasty is usually either due to a flare of allergies (hay fever), or areas of tissue inside the nose that is touching each other (and essentially causing a tickling sensation). If the airway was opened during a rhinoplasty (as it should have been) pollens may now be able to get to more areas inside the nose, causing the allergic flare. The tissues touching each other are due to the swelling that can be normal for quite a while after surgery. The only way to tell is with an exam (difficult for your surgeon to do given his or her location). You could try a nasal steroid spray, but this will need to be prescribed by a physician. Good luck.

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Sneezing after rhinoplasty

Vey hard to determine whats going on without examining you. From the photo you send you appear to have nostril narrowing with signs of right alar collapse. Further findings may be found on examination.

I would look for an experienced rhinoplasty specialist.

Best of luck,

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Excessive sneezing one month after open rhinoplasty?

You need to be examined by your surgeon or another surgeon to determine a possible cause.

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Excessive sneezing one month after open rhinoplasty?

First this is NOT a simple issue! You need to be seen immediately by an ENT to care for the post op sneezing issue. These visits will be at a fee charge. Second that is why going out of country has these negative risks of no in home care available...

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Sneezing after rhinoplasty

Any work on your nose will leave it sensitive for an undefined amount of time. The nasal lining inside your nose received trauma from the surgery and will take a few months to recover. In the meantime it may not produce mucous in the right manner or clear out debris from your nose like it should be doing. I would recommend saline nasal sprays and possibly adding a nasal steroid spray to calm things down for the interim. Do a trial period for 2 weeks to see if that will help.

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