Excessive Skin Folds Below Eye Crease - Best Treated with Upper Bleph?

I am 36-yrs old and have no problems with my eyes, except for this extra skin below my eye crease. Would treatment of this skin be an upper bleph or are there other options to tighten this area?

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Upper Blepharoplasty may help skin folds below eyelid crease

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I would need to see a photo with the eyes open to evaluate how much excess skin is above the upper eyelid crease.

The Upper Blepharoplasty removes loose skin above the crease-it is very important to no violate the skin below the crease.

However if there is excess skin above the crease, removing it can tighten the laxity that you see below the crease with the eyelids closed.

You look young with attractive deep set eyes. If an Upper Blepharoplasty is to be done see an expert and insist that only a minimal amount of skin is removed

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