Excessive Bleeding After Punch Excision

After my procedure I got really sick. I guess the procedure upset my stomach. They just numbed my skin. My question is could the sutures have come undone due to vomiting and pressure to the skin? I bled a lot through the bandages but the bleeding eventually stopped. My surgeon was confident that it didn't, due to bandages and steri-strips. Now that the sutures have been removed my scars look like large craters and worst then pretreatment. Could that be the reason?

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Sutures rupturing

Sutures can rupture with too much movement (e.g. surgery near a joint), or if you are convulsing or vomitting which can increase intra-abdominal pressure. Unfortunately, sutures that rupture often lead to an unpleasant scar result and you may require a surgical scar revision in the near future. 

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