Will Excess Skin on Over-shortened Nose Complicate a Revision?

I had a long nose before my primary rhinoplasty which was 4 months ago. To my surprise, my tip was rotated up a lot and the nose was shortened significantly due to the columella position being changed. Ever since cast off, I have had a pollybeak like supra-tip and excess skin above my now high tip that I can pinch. Feels like there is fluid under there. Will scar tissue form underneath that will complicate re-lengthening my nose? Can anything be done to avoid compromising a revision?

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Excess Skin on Over-shortened Nose

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If excess cartilage was removed and and thick skin is present at the tip, then a void or empty space has been created. Since the skin has not enough tissue to confrom to, because of excess cartilage removal a pollybeak is formed, which in turn may create scar tissue formation. There are various degrees of this problem, depending on how much cartilage was removed and how thick the skin is. You may also have some swelling at the tip creating a temporary polly beak. Pictures would help give you a more specific opinion. 

Steroid injections may help with pollybeak formation. But this will have to be determined by your Dr. If indeed this is what the problem is.

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