Can the Excess Skin from a Rhinoplasty Be Used to Make an Epicanthic Fold Above Eyes to Eliminate Hollowness?

Hi, I was considering a rhinoplasty because my nose bridge starts from a very elevated level from my forehead, this is also causes a hollow look in the top and inner area of the eye as the epicanthic fold skin is pulled high by my high nose bridge. If i was to file down the bridge of my nose in a rhinoplasty to flatten it more, then where does all that skin go that was being pushed up by the elevated nose bridge? does it return back to the upper/inner eye area or does the doctor snip it away?

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Relationship of the nasal bridge to the upper eyelid

If you remove too much from the bridge at the top the skin envelope can collapse and you can create epicanthal folds so the inner part of the upper eyelids look Asian. Conversely you can augment the root of the nasal bridge in an Asian individual and diminish or complete efface their epicanthal folds.

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Epicanthal fold

In rhinoplasty surgery the so called excess skin from hump removal simply recontours itself and does not nees to be removed

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