Options for Excess Skin on Neck and Chin from Weight Loss?

I am 38 and have recovered from an illness that required IV steroids as well as medications that caused extreme weight gain. I am a year post illness and have lost the additional 40 pounds that I gained over the 2 year period.

I now have excess skin that pools where my neck and chin join. I am not wild about the idea of surgery after being sick for so long, but would love for my face to not remind me of how sick I was. I would appreciate information on the options available.

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Treatment of neck skin after weight loss

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I think most qualifed plastic surgeons would aggree that if the excess skin is at all more than minimal you will need surgery. The question then is what type of surgery and that would depend on what is seen on physical examination. It could be as little as a small neck only procedure under local anesthetic or as much as a full face lift under general anesthesia.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Only facelft and neck lift will correct excess skin.

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Hard to be certain without examining you, but from your description, you really need a good facelift (which includes a neck lift). Avoid the temptation to spend time and money on non-invasive procedures which will not really help you.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Excess skin after weight loss

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If you have excess skin in your face and neck, then a facelift and neck lift is indicated - this is the gold standard for removing excess skin. Any laser or non-invasive procedure is unlikely to produce acceptable results. Good luck.

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