Will Excess Skin Under my Breasts Go Away?

It has been almost two months since my breast reduction surgery. I had a few complications after because my surgeon did not put draining tubes in after my surgery. Blood and fluid kept filling up underneath my breast causing it to look like I had 4 breasts. My skin stretched out a lot. I had to get them drained 4 times and now that it's finally gone I've had these flaps of skin just sitting underneath my breasts. It's very uncomfortable, especially wearing a bra. What do I do!

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Give it a little more time.

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More tissue probably needs to be removed. But I recommend waiting at least 3-4 months after surgery.

Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction surgery

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Hello DMorrow03,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.  Breast reduction surgery is usually a very successful operation with high satisfaction rates.

If there is significant redundant skin under the breasts you may want to have further surgery to have this removed.  This is usually a minor operation performed as day surgery.  However, i would suggest waiting for 6 months from the date of your original operation.  You'll be surprised how much of the extra skin will take up by itself.  A soft but supportive bra will help mold the shape of the new breasts and may even encourage the loose skin to shrink.

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Simon Overstall, MBBS, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Excess Skin

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There can be excess skin in the fold after some forms of breast reduction. This usually settles with time. Only a small percentage of patients typically require revision. Discuss this matter further with your surgeon.  All the best.

The excess skin may settle but needs time

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Sorry to hear about your post operative course.

Excess skin under the breast will shrink down significantly, it usually takes 3 - 6 months depending on the elasticity of your skin and how badly was it stretched before the operation. Since you had the excess fluid, the skin hasn't had time to shrink and settle. A support bra and taping may help the process but it depends if your skin can tolerate it. Please ask your surgeon. You may have to give it some more time for it to shrink on its own. If you are not happy you can have them trimmed surgically

Hope this is useful

Breast reduction and excess skin

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Without seeing you in person it is difficult to say, but it may need to be excised to improve the result.  You might also let it heal for a while before considering treatment.

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