Excess Skin on Mons Pubis Male Please Help I've Looked Everywhere?

Im 6'2 I use to be 257 now I weigh 178 and have excess skin on the pubic bone that stretches when I get a erection. What can I have done to have this removed? Will my pubic area look like a normal persons who was never fat with my full penis exsposed? Do you know anyone who does this and their price because everywhere I call says they don't do it.

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Pubic Area Concerns after Weight Loss?

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Congratulations on your significant weight loss; you should be very proud of this accomplishment.

Most patients who have had the degree of weight loss you have experienced, will have redundant skin of the abdominal wall as well as similar concerns about the pubic area.

 Although in person examination will be necessary to accurately advise you, many patients in your situation elect to undergo tummy tuck or lower body lift surgery.

For optimal results,  the pubic area is addressed during these procedures. This area may be large ( prominent) , ptotic (low), or deflated.   

When planning the tummy tuck incision it is possible to keep the incision  low enough that it serves to “raise” the pubic area to some degree.  I like to plan this incision when patients are wearing the “cut” of swimming suit that they plan to wear after the surgery.
During the  tummy talk procedure the pubic area may then be “lifted” and/or defatted ( either directly or with liposuction) as  the specific patient's needs indicate.  Care is taken to avoid over thinning  the area since some coverage of the pubic area is important (for example for padding during intercourse).
You are very correct in that if the pubic area is not treated during the tummy tuck procedure it may be a source of  dissatisfaction afterwards. Revisionary surgery may be necessary to treat the area.
I hope this helps.

Male Pubis Lift for Hidden Penis

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Essentially the pubis lift is a procedure that addresses both extra bulk from too much fat as well as tra dredundant skin and underlying soft tissue. This often makes the penis more visible in men. The procedure is tailored to your needs. Always see a board certified plastic surgeon for this procedure.and to discuss realistic expectations.

Excess Skin on Mons

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  The excess skin on the mons may be treated with a pubic lift, but an exam would be critical to determine your exact needs and anatomy.

Massive weight loss surgery in men

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You are very lucky, you live in a city where there is a world renown plastic surgeon who specializes in massive weight loss surgery.  His name is Dr Joe Hunstad and I would call his office for a consultation.

Weight loss and excess skin in a man

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You have done a lot of work and now you must be skinny at 6'2" and 178. Congratulations!  Does the skin hang over the base of your penis a lot or are your genitals uncovered? This will help to determine what procedure is necessary; a limited excision of that skin or an abdominoplasty or body lift. My guess is that the abdominoplasty or lift will be necessary. This means a scar will be there but the scar is preferable to excess skin. If there is a lot of skin when you are sitting down then you should consider this.  

Excess skin on mones pubis

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Thank you for the question and congratulations on your weight loss. What you are describing is the aftermath of weight loss; loose saggy stretchable skin. The treatment for this is skin removal. The amount of skin that needs to be removed will depend on the amount of skin laxity i.e. tummy tuck vs full body lift. The pricing will also depend of the type of surgery and location of the surgery.  Best wishes.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Male Aesthetic Surgery

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This is common after weight loss.  The area can be have some of the excess skin removed in conjunction with additional body contouring if needed.  If you also have a "buried" penis the suspensory ligament can be released to gain a bit more penile exposure.

Pubic area trouble.

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Thanks for sharing. One would have to examine you before determining which procedure would be best for the amount of excess skin you have in the pubic area. This condition is quite common and there are several options available to you. See an experienced PS with plastic surgery after weight loss. Good luck, Dr. Aldo.

Public Lift vs Tummy Tuck For Sagging Mons Pubis

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The problem to which you refer is not uncommon after a large amount weight loss. In men it partially or completely obscures the penis with an overhang and may be less than hygienic as well. Depending upon the amount of overhang and how far it extends to the sides, it may be improved with a pubic lift alone or combined with a larger skin removal through a male tummy tuck approach. This is not a rare problem and neither is the solution for it. A more definitive answer to your question can be provided by reviewing some pictures of your pubic concerns.


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For the problem you are describing, an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) seems the logical approach. If you are happy with your abdomen, and it is just skin above the pubic bone, then just excision of this skin may fix the problem. Less involved, and back to work quicker.

Good luck.

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