Excess Scar Tissue Pulling on Upper Eyelid - What Does It Feel Like?

What feeling/sensation does one feel if there is excess scar tissue formed INTERNALLY in the upper eyelid, after double eyelid surgery? (Basically, blepharoplasty). Is it a tugging, pulling sensation or is it a tight, tense, sensation around the eyelid-eyebrow area? Does one also feel the scar tissue when closing the eye? An ophtamologist examined me after the surgery and told me it was scar tissue (my plastic surgeon did not mention the scar tissue)...

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Your question can be answered only by the surgeon who performed the procedure. He knows what was done , how tight, and what problems he/she encountered.

You may not find thall  that information therefore see an ophthalmologist and a plastic surgeon.

Is it tight skin? tight scar? tight lavator?

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