What Exact Precautions Should Be Taken Before, During & After a Mommy Makeover?

32 Year Old Nonsmoker. Additionally, I have no history of clotting issues or diabetes.

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Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

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In my past, I have my patients come in with a good attitude to accomplish the most you can. As far as preventing complications, your surgeon can help you with that. In my experience, good positioning in surgery, early ambulation helps prevent blood clots. We can also use pulse std's on the feet and blood thinners if you are a higher risk. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for advise and best wishes.

Precautions Before Mommy Makeover

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Would agree with most respondents.  Medical clearance, healthy diet, cessation of medications, compression stockings, and choice of appropriate surgeon and facility are all self explanatory.  Following post op instructions, especially limitations is paramount as well.  Aside from those, having your ideal body weight and keeping that weight post op will give you the best result. 
Post op ambulation and activities will lessen your chance for the most feared complication of these types of procedures: deep venous thrombosis or blot clots in your veins. Follow the instructions of your board certified plastic surgeon pre-operatively and post-operatively.  Best of luck.

Ronald A. Lohner, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Young Healthy Person and Mommy Makeover

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   For a young healthy person, the mommy makeover (tummy tuck and breast augmentation) is  a surgery that can be performed in under 2 hours and is a very safe surgery with few complications.  The main issues of concern would be having the surgery in an accredited surgery center with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon with a board certified anesthesiologist.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Mommy Make Over Safety

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Thank you for your question about planning your Mommy Makeover.

  • Choose a Board Certified plastic surgeon, follow his/her instructions,
  • Stop all hormones, including birth control 2 weeks before surgery,
  • Take extra vitamin C and stop aspirin, ibuprofen and supplements,
  • Plan with your surgeon to keep surgery as short as is reasonable,
  • Get knee high Jobst or other 30 mm pressure stockings, wear x 2 weeks,
  • Exercise feet in bed every hour unless you are asleep of course!

Hope this helps. Best wishes!

Precautions before and after surgery

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Hello, thank you for your inquire . As in any other surgery, general precautions should be taken:  a healthy diet before and after surgery, avoid any non-prescribed medication, stop taken blood thinners meds. 2 weeks before  like:aspirin, Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), avoid Vit  E one month before and after (not good for scar-healing process), any herbal tee, and / or non prescribed supplements. And mainly all specific recommendations from your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who needs to be aware if there is smoking (or second hand smoke)  and hormones  history..  We do as a routine a Pre-op evaluation of our patient by a Internal Medicine Doctor, EKG and full blood lab.  To my patients I do recommend Arnica (tee or capsules) right after surgery, it helps to smooth bruises and diminish the inflammatory process with out affecting the healing process. Best Wishes. Dr. Vega

Ricardo Vega, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Preparation for mommy makeover

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Preparation for a "mommy makeover" is really no different than preparation for any surgical procedure. If you are being treated by a PCP for any chronic illness (high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, etc.), you should make sure that these are well controlled and you are cleared for elective surgery by your primary care doctor. Your weight should be at goal and stable. You should have no exposure to nicotine for at least 3 weeks prior to surgery (including second hand smoke, patch, gum or any other substitute if you smoke). You should avoid all blood thinners including aspirin, ibuprofen or fish oils. If you take a prescription blood thinner such as coumadin or plavix, you should talk with the doctor that prescribed it before stopping it. Keep well hydrated and on a healthy, balanced diet. Prepare your home so you can avoid stairs and reaching into top cabinets. Plan to do lots of walking after surgery. Start taking a stool softener before surgery as the pain medications can cause constipation. Spend some time with your surgeon discussing his/her specific post-op instructions so you don't have any surprises.

Tamir Mosharrafa, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Recomendations Before Mommy Makeover

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I would recommend that you have a relatively stable weight and stop all aspirin ,aspirin related meds and non steroidal antiinflammatory meds (Motrin, Advil), and herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to your procedure.  Maintain a healthy diet prior and after surgery.  Seek a consultation from a BC PS for specific recommendations.

Best Wishes

Dr. ES

Surgical Precautions

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Thank you for your question and proactive approach.  There are preparations that can be taken prior to a combined surgical procedure to ensure your safety.
1)  Verify your surgeons credentials and experience in performing the procedure you are having
2) The commonly accepted length of a combined procedure should not exceed 7 hours.
3) Make sure any medical comorbidities are addressed.
4) No smoking or second hand smoke
5) No hormone contraception
6) Exercise prior to your procedure to build up your functional reserve
7) Prepare your home and family to be supportive of your recovery...childcare assistance, prescriptions, comfort measures, OTC stool softeners/laxatives.
8) Order recommended compression garments and have loose clothing that comes on and off easily.
9) Shower with antimicrobial soap like Hibiclens before surgery
10) Make sure that you are kept warm during surgery, have the appropriate antibiotics administered at surgery and that you have compression boots applied
11) Discuss your risk of a blood clot with your surgeon and discuss the need for blood thinners.
12)  Have a thorough discussion of each procedure, risks, benefits and alternatives to each procedure, both combined and performed separately.
13) Increase your protein consumption postop to support healing
14)  Have a positive, can do attitude!
Good luck

George Bitar, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 59 reviews

Mommy makeover

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mommy makeover can be a combination of multiple surgeries to restore the body back to prior to pregnancy, breast feeding and weight changes, as well as the chaanges that occur in the body.

The ideal patients are those at or near their ideal body weight, completely healthy with no risk factors.

but the most important is your choice of a boadr certified plastic surgeon with experience that you can communicate with and deal with. In preparation for surgery there are few things that your surgeon will instruct you to reduce your surgical risks. Poatoperative followup with the treating surgeon till healing is complete. Multiple surgeries need to be limited to 6 hours of surgery and consider using blood thinners. Also give yourself the time to heal.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Mommy makeover precautions

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For women with the right physical findings and medical histories, mommy makeover surgery can provide dramatic, amazing results.  However, there are certainly risks, and these risks are the core of your question.  I believe the biggest single risk of mommy makeover surgery is:  do you love your results?  To me, perhaps the biggest precaution a woman should take before undergoing this type of surgery is to make sure she visits with a surgeon who has extensive experience with these issues and that she is fully aware of her physical findings and how surgery is likely to  change them.  Do the physical findings make it probable that the final results are likely to be what she is hoping for?  Being 32 years-old and a nonsmoker is great.  However, a woman who is 32 and has a BMI of 36 is not likely to have the same type of result as someone who is 32 and has a BMI of 24, for instance.  Visiting with a surgeon with experience can help you understand this and that, in my opinion, is perhaps the key to success.  Of course there are other medical risks and surgical risks.  Your question asks about 'exact' precautions, but really these are related to your overall medical history (how many kids, how many operations, weight fluctuations/weight loss, problems with antibiotics or pain medication for instance), your physical attributes (where exactly is your loose skin, is there associated fatty tissue, what is your BMI, do you have scars on the abdomen, for instance), and your expectations.  Hopefully you will have an opportunity to visit with a surgeon who will spend a lot of time with you and discuss all of this with you in detail, someone who can tailor the 'exact' precautions you should take around the time of surgery to fit your individual needs.  That's the best way to achieve a great result in the safest way possible.

Kelly R. Kunkel, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

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