Could EVRF be used on a Prominent Blue Temple Vein?

Could EVRF be used on a Prominent Blue Temple Vein?

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EVRf or radiofrequency for temple veins is not possible

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The technology you are describing is most suitable for sizable veins above 4 or 5 mm in the legs - great saphenous or short saphenous veins or for perforator veins in the legs. Even then, RF energy is not as great as EVLT (laser therapy) as EVLT is associated with less pain and brusing and discomfort after the procedure. 

For temple veins, we use a combination of sclerotherapy immediately followed by ultracision microphlebectomy. Tiny puncture wounds, minimal risk, minimal scarring and back to work immediately. Expect some bruising in the forehead as you would when a mole is removed or if the skin is biopsied. The incisions are much much smaller than a skin lesion excision/biopsy. 

watch videos on the link provided below. 


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Endovenous RF requires passing a catheter into the vein in order to treat it.  The temporal veins are too small to accommodate the catheter.  The best treatment for prominent temporal veins would be sclerotherapy, removal through micro incisions or topical laser.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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