Evolence in Canada?

An Ontario, Canada dermatologist, name is Dr Kevin Smith is close to my house. He offers a new injection called evolence which sounds like it may be better than collagen injections and more natural then juvaderm or restaylne fillers for wrinkles and lip filling. I'm thinking of trying it but is there any reason i should wait for approval of evolence here in the USA? Is going internationally to get a cosmetic treatment against the law? 

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Evolence in Canada

Evolence is widely and successfully used in Canada. I have been injecting Evolence for the past couple of years and have had no problems with it; the extended duration of this filler is a welcome addition to my practice. Dr. Smith is one of the top injectors in the world as far as quantity and esteem from colleagues, and prices would likely be less than they would be in the U.S. when it arrives.

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