Everyday Swelling or Permanent Nasal Obstruction 12 Days After Rhinoplasty?

I just had a closed rhinoplasty 12 days ago. About 3 days ago the right nostri's tissue (inside middle of nose) has swelled up, blocking a good amount of the nostril. I can sill breathe, (not as well as the left nostril) but it worries me. Is this normal swelling? Or do you think this will be a permanet nasal obstruction? How long does this usually take to go away or know that it is permanet? Also, how long do you recommend that I keep sleeping with head elevated? Thank you for your time.

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12 Days post-op nasal obstruction

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There is always some swelling to a greater or lesser degree following rhinoplasty
surgery. Unless there are unusual circumstances or unusual problems, the intranasal swelling and stuffiness always abates. You should continue to follow up and adhere to the instructions of your surgeon. If you are still dissatisfied, seek the consultation of another surgeon. However, swelling and stuffiness is par for the course at this stage with associated and expected edema, crusting and other typical postoperative sequelae.

Nasal Obstruction 12 Days Post-op

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Asymmetrical nasal obstruction 12 days after surgery is normal. The duration of restricted breathing will vary depending on what was done, but it will continue to improve for about 6 weeks. I usually tell my patients sleep with their heads elevated for 2 weeks; continue this longer if you find it influences intra-nasal obstruction.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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