Do I need a crown if I use a temporary upper veneer denture?

I use a dental veneer all day, it's like a snap on smile. Was a cheaper alternative to fixing my upper teeth cosmetically. My dentist says I need a crown on my front 2nd tooth from the front. They had a root canal done but it's so expensive to get a crown. It's not broken and they said all the decay is it needed? I don't grind my teeth and I don't chew with that tooth. Thanks!

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Teeth must always have crown after root canal therapy

The process to clean, shape, and disinfect a root canal system of a tooth hollows out and weakens teeth.  Some newer filler materials try to strengthen to tooth, but at this point the advice is STILL to crown a tooth after root canal therapy.  It is not a factor of hurting, broken, or remaining decay.  The issue is that the tooth WILL break, and normally the break is in such a way that the tooth must be removed.

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