How long can I wait to get implants exposed?

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Minimum time to heal before implant exposure surgery

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Depending on each patient it could be 4 to 6 months and even more. It will depend on age, conditions, if inmune system is compromised or not, diabetic patients lasts even more to heal, it will depend on your specific case. There is not a magical number to tell a patient, the only way to know if implant has fused / osseointegrated is having some x-rays taken at implant site to determine it.

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Waiting to Uncover Implants

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There are minimal times to wait, but that's not your question. The only downside with waiting too long is your teeth adjacent to the implants  can shift which can affect the crown placement. ( this may not apply to your situation)

Wait times are a minimum, not a max

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I don't know that a LONG time has been tested, but 4-6 months is usually a minimum.  "More is better" may apply, but most people don't want to wait longer than they must.

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Ideally we wait 4 months in lower jaw where its strong bone, 4-6 months in upper jaw--softer bone.

If you want to wait longer than that its your call, however when  we usually start we like to finish vs waiting 2 years to complete implant/abutment/crown.

Hope that helps

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